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Access control

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Dominique HANSLIK



Never think about security again

You have to draw up a security policy for your company which takes account of your risk analysis and the applicable legislation. You may also want to adapt this policy to changes that may be made in the future. We are Nedap Expert-Partner. And we’d be delighted to explain to you how an access control system enables you to comply with laws and regulations in the ever-changing world of security.

How we successfully manage your security challenges

Our solutions are based on Nedap’s AEOS security management platform. AEOS is more than an access control system. The system has a unique architecture which you can extend and adjust to suit your needs. Unlike many other security systems AEOS is not a customized or client-specific solution. Instead AEOS has been built through the use of open standards and it can therefore be configured in the way which best suits your individual requirements.

«“AEOS is designed to adapt to your needs – irrespective of the requirements that your access control system must fulfil. That’s why the platform forms an ideal basis for any physical access control application.»

Gilbert Reyland, MANAGING DIRECTOR SecuriTec
We combine the options provided by AEOS with our security expertise and our innovative thinking. This is supplemented by your extensive knowledge of your company. Together we can create an ideal environment for your organization. We implement an efficiently operating security system which ist he perfect fir for your specific requirements and whishes.

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Various systems can run concurrently in one management environment, e.g. access control, intruder alarm, visitor management, parking management, locker management, and video management solutions.

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